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Mak & Pasteman - Fifty Shades

A couple of days late on this one. Free download here.

Chaos in the CBD - Pale Moonlight (Mak & Pasteman Remix)

It had been a while since I’d heard an upbeat, bass-heavy tune from this ever-popular duo, but this remix of Chaos in the CBD’s “Pale Moonlight” has more than quenched my thirst for such tracks. Be sure to download this track for free here.

Debian Blak - Hawks & Spies (Mak & Pasteman Remix)

Buy it here.

LFO (Mak & Pasteman Leeds Basshouse Remix)

Free download here.

Mak & Pasteman - Jungle Juice (Pále Remix)

Big remix from Pále. Love the klaxon-like sound and the percussive synths in the second half. Sick shuffle too. Forthcoming June 18th on Hot N Heavy.

Mak & Pasteman - Playboy EP Clips [Forthcoming Hot N Heavy Recordings]

Preview of the new two-track EP from two of my favourite bass music producers.

1. Playboy

2. Jungle Juice


Mak & Pasteman - Do The Same VIP