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DJ Chap - Paprika

How Yeezus should have sounded?

DJ Chap - Super Moon

Free download here.

DJ Chap - bb bb bb

Definitely feeling a Machinedrum-esque vibe on some parts of this juke/jungle fusion track. Download it for free as part of the new Partysharks compilation here.

DJ Chap - b2

DJ Chap - Eros Y Psyche

DJ Chap - Luz Mala

Definitely the happiest juke track I’ve heard in a long time! That kick is nice and heavy too. A summer party tune for sure.

DJ Chap - Counting Calories

Great piano samples and vocal chops on this juke roller from DJ Chap. Nice 808 percs too.

DJ Chap - TYBG

Love the horns sample, crazy rhythms and squelchy synth on this juke track from Denver-based producer DJ Chap.

DJ Chap - Copernicus

At such a high tempo, I didn’t think it was possible for relaxing juke to exist, but it looks like I’ve found it. Love the old strings sample and the swung 808 percussion on this one.