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Future Grooves Interview: MyMind

I had a chat with Art Dubie AKA MyMind about his new EP, sampling samples and snapping wooden sticks. Click “Read More” to check it out.

Future Grooves: To start things off, why don’t you tell me a little bit about your new EP, “At Night”. How did it come about and what kind of thing can we expect to hear on it?

MyMind: The EP is really a reflection of all the different sounds, genres, and artists I’ve been surrounded by in the past year. I wanted to fuse the diverse styles that are found within genres such as UK garage, dubstep and deep house. Mixing tempos, instruments and samples was something I gave a lot of my attention to. Balance between digital, analogue and acoustic sounds plays a very important role in electronic music.

I can definitely hear fusions of each of those genres on the EP. You say it’s a reflection of artists too, are there any in particular which have influenced your production?

Definitely, mostly all the new artists I discovered through SoundCloud such as Versa, D3ADL1NE and lots of people from Deep Heads. Also such people as Martyn, Burial and Phaeleh.

You mentioned your use of samples. In the title track, “At Night”, I’m sure I recognise that piano riff from somewhere. Or am I imagining it?

It is definitely a sample you could have heard, it’s a funny story. It’s a sample of a sample from a Russian hip hop instrumental that I sped up, chopped, and re-pitched. Nowadays everything is a sample if you can hear how to put it in the right spot rhythmically or tonally. You can sample anything from a phone field recording to Top 40 drum kicks, you just have to mess with it to make it your own sound.

Agreed! Quite often I’ll hear two random objects knock together and think “that would make a great snare”.

Some of my best snares I sampled in my kitchen and outside, breaking a dry stick of wood.

Nice! My best was made by layering six samples of me scrunching a piece of paper.

Those are great! Robot Koch style!

Exactly! A lot of the tunes on your EP seem to have an underlying four-to-the-floor pulse, or have 4x4 sections even if they start in half time. Is this something you did consciously or did it just seem to happen as you wrote them?

This is something I thought about a lot! Most new dance music has one certain feel or beat to it, which is important, but constant kick drums just kill some people, like me, we just need a little break. Most of the tracks are 130bpm, which I thought was the perfect tempo to slow down dubstep, speed up house and add some cool new school garage elements. The track “Purple Deapth” also has a big dub techno influence.

That’s definitely one of the more atmospheric tracks on the EP. I can picture that one going off at an underground house night.

Cheers. I’ve been getting into lots of dub techno artists like Narcotic 303, Organon, Biodub and Trentemøller. They just have this great sound! I have an unreleased dub techno EP with my friend ·O· that we hope to put out some time soon. I will be putting one of tracks from the EP in my Future Grooves mix.

Sweet, I’ve been enjoying ·O·’s stuff recently. Another track on your EP is “Keep Moving On”. I’d say this is the most club-friendly track on the EP, especially with that ending. Will you be dropping more upbeat tracks like this one in your mix? [MyMind will be doing the next mix in the FG Mix Series]

Definitely, there will be some 808 influenced future garage too!

You can never go wrong with the 808!

Thats right! I have been experimenting a lot with a fusion of trap and mellow future garage lately. It’s pretty fun, expect some free downloads of experimental tunes on SoundCloud soon!

Sounds great, I’ll keep a look out! Thanks for chatting with me, do you have any final comments before we bring the interview to a close?

I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who is reading this and is enjoying my music. Cheers!


Watch the officlal video for the “At Night“‘s title track here.

"At Night" is availablenow on Beatport. Listen to clips over on MyMind’s Soundcloud, and check him out on Facebook and Twitter too.

Keep an eye out for MyMind’s Future Grooves Mix, coming tomorrow!

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